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year_long_auction / An Important Emerald and Diamond Ring

Lot 618
An Important Emerald and Diamond Ring
7 January 2022, 12:00 GMT
London, New Bond Street

£2,800,000 - £3,500,000

An Important Emerald and Diamond Ring

The cushion-shaped emerald, weighing 8.83 carats, between shield-shaped diamonds, diamonds approximately 1.70 carats total, ring size 6¾


Accompanied by a report from SSEF stating that the natural emerald has no indications of clarity enhancement and originates from Colombia.


Colombian 'No Oil' Emeralds
Lauded as amongst the world's most desirable gemstones, emeralds have a history dating back to ancient civilisations in Asia, Africa and South America, with the first known emerald mines discovered from as early as the third century BC in Egypt. From these ancient mines in Egypt through to the discovery of deposits in Colombian in the mid-16th century, emeralds have long been prized and used as symbols of wealth and status. Colombian emeralds, with their characteristic bluish green colour, are deemed the purest in the world, and those examples (including lots 592 and 618) which are free from any form of treatment or enhancement, otherwise known in the trade as 'no oil', are exceptionally rare.

被譽為世界上最令人嚮往的寶石之一,其歷史可追溯到亞洲、非洲和南美的古代文明時代,最早發現的祖母綠礦可追溯到公元前三世紀的埃及。 從埃及的這些古老礦山到16世紀中葉在哥倫比亞發現的礦藏,祖母綠一直以來備受珍視並被用作財富和地位的象徵。 哥倫比亞祖母綠擁有其標誌性的藍綠色,在地質上,被認為是世界上最純淨的祖母綠,拍品591及618,未經任何形式的處理或加強,實為非常優質"無油"哥倫比亞祖母綠之範例,非常罕見。

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