Gender Pay Gap Information

Bonhams 1793 Limited is an employer with more than 250 employees and hereby publishes its gender pay gap information at the snapshot date of 5 April 2017. Its mean pay gap is 42.0%, its median pay gap is 36.7%, its mean bonus gap is 33.8% and its median bonus gap is 44.8%. Its pay quartiles by gender are as follows:

Band Males Females
Lower quartile 31.5% 68.5%
Lower middle quartile 33.7% 66.3%
Upper middle quartile 56.2% 43.8%
Upper quartile 73.0% 27.0%

The main reason behind our gender pay gap disparity is that there are more men than women in senior positions in our organisation.

Bonhams has always been, and will remain, an equal opportunity employer. We are committed to ensuring that all of its employees are able to develop their talents and enjoy a fulfilling and rewarding career. Bonhams will continue to support all employees in their career development in the years ahead, irrespective of gender, and expects its gender pay gap to fall.

I, Matthew Girling, Global CEO, confirm that the information in this statement is accurate.

Matthew Girling, Global CEO
4 April 2018